For those relatively new to the crypto space, what we’re seeing at the moment (massive drops in valuation) can be nothing short of horrifying. For your sake, I hope you’ve followed the key crypto tenet of only investing what you’re prepared to lose. Investing in crypto is like holding the most volatile stock portfolio and sprinkling more volatility on top. You have to take the wins with the losses, but there’s a lot out there feeling the same pain, so you aren’t alone.

When BTC first exploded in 2017/18 we went through a similar phase, crypto became mainstream, it was…

Overworld Gaming Cryptocurrency

As an active participant in the Crypto space, I want to share my findings when I personally invest (or actively avoid investing) in alt-coins. The aim is to help you determine if an investment is right for you. Most coins have an impressive website and flashy graphics, but there is a lot to learn when you dig a little deeper.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen for the TLDR, or continue for a more in-depth analysis.

I was recommended to check out Overworld Gaming by a friend who had a previous positive experience with the team behind the coin…

I recently dived head first into the wild underbelly of Crypto. All the experts tell you to never dive in without knowing what’s under the surface. It’s sage advice I decided to reject. This was the way I was going to learn, by putting my money on the line.

I installed Telegram, TrustWallet, followed Reddit subs and bought BNB ready to exchange on PancakeSwap. Time to get rich.

I did not get rich.

The first shitcoin I came across was Green Shibu Inu, I literally searched CoinMarketCap (a listing of coins with graphs showing you how they are appreciating or…

Professor Sloppy

Crypto Professor

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